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Protect yourself from job-hunting scams and fraudsters.

IMPORTANT: Please verify that emails are legitimately from Dignity Health before responding.

Unfortunately, frauds, scams and phishing schemes are sometimes used to victimize job-seekers. To avoid problems and protect yourself, Dignity Health recommends some basic precautions:

  • Dignity Health will never ask for personal information (ie. SSN, DOB, credit card, etc.) outside our job application. Then only after we extend an offer would you be asked to submit information through our official Applicant Tracking Software.
  • Dignity Health will never ask for payments to obtain a job. Fees or payments are not a normal part of hiring.
  • Never ever give credit card, PayPal or banking information to a stranger online or on the phone in connection with a job.
  • Never allow funds or paychecks direct-deposited into any of your accounts by a new employer prior to employment.
  • If the job seems too perfect, the interview too easy, the promises vague or the answers evasive, be cautious and verify who are you speaking with.
  • If something doesn’t sound quite right or just too good to be true, be very cautious.

NOTE: Dignity Health does not use Google Hangouts to meet or interview candidates. If someone is, they are not from Dignity Health and you should not respond.

If you ever become suspicious during your Dignity Health career search, we request that you contact our Human Resources Department immediately to confirm that you are indeed talking to Dignity Health. No Dignity Health employee would be offended if you did. Please contact MyCareer@dignityhealth.org.