Our organization is moving to a virtual recruitment process until further notice in response to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus disease). Our virtual recruitment process may include telephone/video interviews and other virtual opportunities to connect to make it as safe and convenient as possible for all candidates, employees, and caregivers. Our goal is as always to treat our people, our patients, and candidates with humankindness, -- putting safety first. For more helpful information on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19, please click here.





Dignity Health Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers for many of your questions. Please use the following topics to guide you.

Creating a Dignity Health Candidate Profile

Want to search for jobs more efficiently? Create a Dignity Health Candidate Profile for yourself. When a job matching your criteria becomes available, we’ll notify you. It couldn’t be easier.

Below are some common questions and answers to help make the process as easy as possible.

Q: Why, as a new user, should I create an Online Candidate Profile?


You can search Dignity Health opportunities at any time with or without a profile, but completing your candidate profile allows you to:

  • Apply to Dignity Health job openings online.
  • Log in using your unique User Name & Password to access the status of all your job search activities.
  • Update your resume, profile and search criteria.
  • Create an automated search agent that will notify you via email when positions in your area become available.

Once you complete this step, you will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your profile.

Q: Is the information on my candidate profile confidential?


Yes, please click here to view the Dignity Health Privacy Policy.

Q: How do I create an online Candidate Profile?


You can create a Candidate Profile one of two ways:

To create a profile prior to conducting a job search, simply click on the following link: Create Profile.


You can also create a profile after you've found a position that you want to apply to by clicking on the "Apply to This Job" link located on the individual job posting of the position for which you are interested.

Q: Can I create a Candidate Profile without applying to an open position at Dignity Health?


We recommend that you apply for a specific position(s) to ensure Dignity Health can more quickly evaluate your skills against open position(s).

Q: Do I need to have a resume in order to create a Candidate Profile?


While creating your profile, you can choose the "Create Resume" feature, which will allow you to create a resume if you don't already have one. Complete each page and then click "Save and Continue". When you are finished creating your resume, make sure you click on the "Finish" link and complete the remaining fields of information that make up the rest of your Candidate Profile.

Q: Do I need an e-mail address to create a Candidate Profile?


It is recommended that you include an email address as part of your profile so that Dignity Health will be able to communicate with you via email.


If you don't already have an email address, you can create one for free with Yahoo! Mail or Gmail.

Q: Why do I need to create a Login and Password in order to save my Candidate Profile?


A unique login and password provides a secure way for you to access your profile when updating your information, checking on the status of a position you applied to, or applying to additional positions with Dignity Health.

Note: It is extremely important that your login be different from your password. Here are some tips to help you:

A login is usually easiest to remember when using your email address (e.g. sch@yahoo.com) or if you are a Dignity Health employee, you may want to use your Employee I.D.

A password is usually a combination of letters and numbers and will be something that you can easily remember, but that is only known to you.


Don't forget to make a note of your login/password for future reference!

Q: What is a Security Question and Answer? Why do I need to create each one in order to save my profile?


If you are returning to the Dignity Health career website to access your profile, but you can't remember your password, a Security Question will help jog your memory.

A Security Question might be something like this: "What is my mother's maiden name?"

A Security Answer is the correct answer to your Security Question.


Q: How will I know my Candidate Profile was received by Dignity Health?


You will know that your Candidate Profile was received by one of the following: If you have provided your email address, you will be sent an acknowledgment via email thanking you for submitting your resume/profile. If you did not provide an email address, you can check that your profile was received by logging back into your profile using your newly created login/password.

Q: After I have applied online, should I also e-mail, fax or mail a copy of my resume and cover letter to Dignity Health?


Once you have submitted an online application, you do not need to contact Dignity Health to provide additional information. All the information required to consider your application is contained in your profile and the online application itself.

Searching for Dignity Health Job Opportunities

Q: I’m searching for job opportunities. What are some search tips?


The drop down menus on the Dignity Health Search Page allow you to choose any of the following options: Job Category, Distance From a Location (can enter "City, State" or "Zip code"), Facility, and Shift.


The keyword search box on the Dignity Health Search Page allows you to search for jobs using keywords.

Applying to a Dignity Health Position

Ready to apply for a position? Here are a few tips to help you become a pro in your Dignity Health job search.

Q: How do I apply to a position at Dignity Health?


Here are the steps:

  • Create Your Candidate Profile (you only need to do this one time).
  • Log in using your username/password.
  • Perform your job search.
  • Click "Apply to this Job".

You will receive an acknowledgment via email if you supplied an email address.

Q: Do I need to create a new Candidate Profile each time I want to apply to a position?


No, just log into your original profile using your login/password.

Q: Can I apply to multiple positions at the same time?


Here are the steps when applying for multiple positions:

  • Perform your job search.
  • Click the "Add to Job Cart" link for each position in which you are interested.
  • When you are finished adding jobs to your cart, click the "View Job Cart" link.
  • Place a checkmark next to the position(s) you wish to apply to and click the "Apply" button.

Note: To remove a position from your cart, click on the trash can icon with a red "x".

Q: I submitted my resume but I haven't heard back from Dignity Health?


Thank you for your interest in Dignity Health. Although we are not able to contact each person directly (due to the high volume of resumes we receive), you can check the status of your application online at anytime by logging into your profile at dignityhealthcareers.org.

Updating / Changing Your Dignity Health Profile

Need to change your profile information? It’s easier than you might think. The following pointers will get you on your way.

Q: How do I update/change the information on my Candidate Profile?


Login to your profile at dignityhealthcareers.org. and follow these steps:

Click on the "View Profile" link on the right side of the screen. This will display the information you previously entered on your profile.

To edit, click on the "Edit Profile" link.

Make sure you save any changes that you have made by clicking "Save" button at the bottom of your profile.

Q: What happens if I forgot my password?


Click on the "Forgot Your Password" link located under the Returning Users section of the Dignity Health Careers Website. You will be asked to enter your login and click "Submit". The system will display your Security Question. As soon as you have provided the correct answer, the system will present you with your password.

Technical Questions / Error Messages

We hate error messages, too. So to help you have the best experience applying for a Dignity Health job, we suggest using our preferred internet settings, browser and document formats listed below. And we included some common questions and answers to help any other problems you may encounter.

Q: What Internet settings are recommended on my home computer when accessing the career site?


For best results, when searching/applying online at Dignity Health Careers Website, use a high speed internet connection such as DSL or Broadband. Dial-up is not recommended, as it tends to cause system errors and heavy delays when uploading resumes.

Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or higher which is a standard internet browser on most computers. Some Internet browsers are not compatible with the Dignity Health Careers Website (e.g. Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or AOL).

If your computer does not have Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can download it for free by clicking here:

Microsoft Internet Explorer.

You may also want to temporarily turn off any Pop-Up Blockers, that may be installed on your computer to help eliminate unexpected system delays. Below you will find instructions on how to determine if your computer has a Pop-Up Blocker turned on and if so, how to temporarily disable it: Click on the "Tools" section on your Internet Toolbar.

Q: I am receiving an error message when I try to upload or paste my resume into my candidate profile. Why is this occurring?


If you see "Pop-Up Blocker" listed as a selection under the "Tools" drop-down list, then your computer has a Pop-Up Blocker installed.

To determine if your Pop-Up Blocker is turned on, simply click on the "Pop-Up Blocker" selection. If "Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker" is highlighted, then the Pop-Up Blocker on your computer is currently turned on.

To temporarily disable your computer's Pop-Up Blocker, click on the "Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker" selection.

If trouble occurs when uploading your resume, you'll want to check the format of your resume. The Dignity Health Careers Website accepts the following document formats for upload in: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Text Files, or HTML. If you are attempting to upload a resume in other formats, such as WordPerfect, you may receive an error message.

Extensive formatting and symbols within a resume, such as tables, pictures, asterisks, bullets, or multiple underlines can cause errors.

General Dignity Health Questions

Q: Can I speak with someone about current open positions at Dignity Health?


For a quicker response, we recommend that you search and apply for open positions on the Dignity Health website at dignityhealthcareers.org. Upon receiving your online profile, a Recruiter will evaluate and determine if there is a match based on your experience for the position(s) you have applied for and/or any other open positions at the facility.

Q: Need assistance?


Disabled veterans and qualified individuals with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation if you are unable or limited in your ability to use or access Dignity Health’s career site as a result of your disability. You may request reasonable accommodations by calling (415) 438-5575. Thanks for your interest in Dignity Health!

Q: Does Dignity Health sponsor work visas?


Please contact your local Dignity Health facility as this varies per position and region. Click here for a listing of Dignity Health facilities.

CommonSpirit Health Questions

Q: Can I apply to Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) positions in one place?


Not at this time. Depending on the role and location, you may have to apply on the legacy Dignity Health or CHI careers portals. Interested applicants can find open roles respectively at https:/www.dignityhealthcareers.org and https://www.catholichealthinitiatives.org/en/careers.html.

Q: If I am an active candidate on a Dignity Health requisition, do I need to apply again to CommonSpirit?


No, if the current requisition is a legacy Dignity Health position, you will continue to work with your Talent Acquisition recruiter and/or Hiring Manager to complete the process.

Q: How do I find and apply for a corporate position with CommonSpirit?


Q: Do I need to create a new Dignity Health username and profile to apply for CommonSpirit corporate positions?


If you apply for the corporate/national role via the Catholic Health Initiatives Career page, you will likely need to create a new user name and/or profile unless you’ve applied to a position with the organization previously. If you apply on the Dignity Health careers site, you do not need a new profile as your profile is saved in our database.

Q: How do I find Dignity Health and CHI jobs?


Dignity Health and CHI jobs can be found here: https://commonspirit.careers/