Our organization is moving to a virtual recruitment process until further notice in response to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus disease). Our virtual recruitment process may include telephone/video interviews and other virtual opportunities to connect to make it as safe and convenient as possible for all candidates, employees, and caregivers. Our goal is as always to treat our people, our patients, and candidates with humankindness, -- putting safety first. For more helpful information on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19, please click here.





Therapy at Dignity Health

Therapists of all specialties enjoy challenging, inspiring and gratifying careers at Dignity Health. Teamwork is critical to our patients’ success, and it’s just as important for our Therapists. Our compassionate, supportive humankindness professionals work together in an environment designed to maximize your success.

Therapy Specialties

Explore our comprehensive list and find your niche. We have opportunities in the following Therapy specialties:

Occupational Therapist

You’ve always wanted to use your abilities to help people. As an Occupational Therapist at Dignity Health, you provide cutting-edge care to people from all ages and walks of life. This week, you might work with a patient who has a brain or spinal cord injury, a stroke, cardiopulmonary disease, or an orthopedic trauma. With that broad scope of treatment, you’re grateful for the highly motivated, experienced people by your side and throughout the network. To you, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping a patient gain functional skills. At Dignity Health, you feel that sense of satisfaction every day.

Physical Therapist

This morning, you’re working with a patient who’s been a professional long-distance runner for years. He was devastated when a fall caused a serious knee injury that could have ended his career. Following surgery, you started him on a treatment plan to restore his strength, mobility and flexibility. Your motivational, energetic approach is invaluable, too, because already, the pain has gone down, and the prognosis looks good for a full recovery. This patient has hope. And you’re a huge part of that win.

Respiratory Therapist

Your youngest patient is just ten days old. The team wants to be sure she’s breathing on her own and healthy enough to go home with her parents. As her Respiratory Therapist, you’ve already created a strong bond with the family. Some of your other patients are seniors with long-term lung or heart illnesses. And some days, you manage critically ill patients in the emergency room, providing airway management during code blues, calls for rapid response or conscious sedations. One part of your job you really enjoy is providing disease management training to patients. Simply put, you’re here to help people breathe easier, today and for a lifetime.

Speech Therapist

Your patient has Parkinson’s disease. For someone who used to work as a professor, giving lectures, losing his ease of speech is devastating. However, as his Speech Therapist, you’ve been able to help him keep the lines of communication open. Together, you work through a program of exercises. You use advanced technology and augmentative equipment to assess his progress. Your compassion and determination don’t go unnoticed by this patient and his family. At Dignity Health, this is just one of the complex cases that engages you day to day.