Our organization is moving to a virtual recruitment process until further notice in response to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus disease). Our virtual recruitment process may include telephone/video interviews and other virtual opportunities to connect to make it as safe and convenient as possible for all candidates, employees, and caregivers. Our goal is as always to treat our people, our patients, and candidates with humankindness, -- putting safety first. For more helpful information on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19, please click here.





Lab Sciences at Dignity Health

Dignity Health offers outstanding opportunities in Laboratory Sciences. Here, you’ll work with advanced technology in a comfortable environment that offers guidance, challenge, continued support and the opportunity to achieve a balanced life. You’re an invaluable part of your patient’s team, providing the answers they need and the humankindness they deserve.

Lab Sciences Specialties

Pursue your path with kindness in your heart. Explore our opportunities in Laboratory Sciences:

Clinical Lab Scientist

Sixty-two people, you think to yourself after a long day’s work. I’ve given sixty-two people peace of mind today. Now they know either they’re healthy, or how to plan the next step in their care. Whatever the result, this will help them move forward, which must bring relief. As a Clinical Lab Scientist, you’ve diagnosed thousands of complex cases in your career. And just today, you helped find a match for a patient’s blood transfusion. You always wanted to use your scientific abilities to help others – now you’re doing just that.

Laboratory Assistant

Oh, the stories you could tell. Like the patient who was so afraid of needles she asked you to sing just to distract her. Or the little boy who watched you work with such fascination, saying, in no uncertain terms, he was going to be a doctor someday. You could relate, because with Dignity Health’s help, you’re studying to become a Clinical Lab Scientist. So while you’re happy to be calming the nerves of the needle-phobic, and enjoying your coworkers, you take pride in your career path and are planning your future advancement in the lab.


You have a busy day today. You’ll be doing venipunctures, collecting and processing lab specimens, managing data, and helping train a couple of students and new employees. You’ve always been a people person, and right out of school, you knew you wanted to work in healthcare. As a Phlebotomist at Dignity Health, you’ve been able to play a vital role in patient care right away. It’s been a great starting place, and you see lots of opportunities to grow long-term. You love the strong collaboration with everyone – they’re supportive, skilled and friendly. There are so many reasons you chose Dignity Health.