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Imaging at Dignity Health

State-of-the-art technology, a community of renowned professionals and the power of human connection. As an imaging professional at Dignity Health, you’ll benefit from all of this and more. There are employee benefits to support you and a culture of humankindness to inspire you. To look into the structure and function of the human body, and then to use that information to help patients – this is what drew you to medicine in the first place.

Imaging Specialties

Pursue your path with kindness in your heart. Explore our Imaging opportunities.

CT Tech

Driving to work, you take time to think about the day ahead. As a CT Tech, you don’t yet know the names of all the patients you’ll see, but you do know you’ll focus on getting the most optimal images for them that you can. You remember your own mother’s CT scan and how nervous you both were. You put all your trust into her CT Tech, and that memory drives the level of care you give. Today, you’ll work with a Radiologist and your team of Nurses on a variety of cases. You’ll operate state-of-the-art, “filmless” technology and platforms with ease. You know that what you do today will impact the lives of your patients for years to come. And you are up to the challenge.

EEG Tech

You can’t help but think how miraculous it is, examining the human brain. Better still is knowing that as an EEG Tech at Dignity Health, you are ultimately helping a patient find answers to complex issues. You remember a particularly upset young man who came in. Eight years old, he was confused and afraid. And so you made a game of applying the electrodes – let’s be astronauts, let’s go to outer space! You enjoy working with state-of-the-art equipment, but it’s these moments you enjoy most, where you can give total comfort, share a smile and support a patient.

Mammography Tech

Nothing is fun about having a mammogram. Especially since your patient has already won one battle against cancer. She’s tough, you think, remembering the first time you met; the tone is much lighter today than it was not so long ago. She says she’s taking up knitting this year, and that she owes you a whole wardrobe of sweaters for all you’ve done for her. You laugh together, each privately hoping that today’s exam yields better results than before. As a Mammography Tech at Dignity Health, you meet wonderful, resilient people like this every day. And you’re there for them, whatever the results may be.

MRI Tech

The first time you saw an MRI scanner in person, you knew you wanted to be an MRI Tech. To this day, the technology, what it can see and do, still amazes you. To look into the structure and function of the human body, and then to use that information to help patients – this is what drew you to medicine in the first place. What’s more, you like your team of physicians, radiologists and nurses. Safety guidelines are critical in MRI, and together, you look out for your patients, their families and each other. The energy is high, and some days, you work at the speed of light. It’s everything you wanted, and more.

Nuclear Medicine Tech

You felt sure the patient’s arm wasn’t broken. Yes, there was swelling, bruising, and a whole lot of pain, but a break? Not likely. You’ve been doing this for years, and you’re almost always right. So as the Nuclear Medicine Tech, you ran the x-ray, and you promised to sign the patient’s cast when the time came. But sure enough, her physician told her it wasn’t a break. Maybe she was a little overconfident when she heard the news because the following week, she was back. This time, you knew it was a break.

Radiation Therapist

Today, you were on the frontlines in the battle against cancer. In fact, you are every day. As a Radiation Therapist, you attack the disease with focus, vigilance and compassion. For all your patients, you make this room a fortress. They are safe here, to laugh, to cry, to heal or to rest. Together, you give the cancer ugly names. You visualize remission. And you become the best of friends, in spite of yourself. It’s never easy, but each day you work, you ease a patient’s burden. And quite possibly, you get them that much closer to victory.

Radiology Tech

How many casts have you signed in your lifetime? Forty? Fifty? One thousand and two? When you think about it, it’s funny that patients ask their Radiology Techs to take part in such a personal ritual. But it shows you how much they trust you. How they appreciated the care you gave them while they were probably in a lot of pain. Over your career, you’ve performed x-rays, using state-of-the-art equipment, for countless people of all ages and walks of life. And you’ve been invaluable to OR assisting surgeons, too. And while you love medicine and the technology you work with, it’s the people who make every day at Dignity Health worth signing up for.

Special Procedures Technologist

The day starts early for you. Coffee in hand, you visit the ICU, where you’re briefed on your coma and severe head injury patients. You update and advise their relatives, who are grateful their loved ones are in such good hands. Next, you visit the Neurosurgical OR. You place electrodes on the patients going into surgery to help the END technologists watch for any brain activity decreases. Throughout the day, you and your team monitor 27 neurosurgical and spinal cord cases, including a basilar artery aneurysm clipping with Cardiac standstill.You’ll finish the day upstairs reviewing stat test orders – one a BAEP and EEG for a near drowning victim, and another an EEG for a trauma patient. You’re proud to be helping the Neurologists and Neurosurgeons at Dignity Health care for these patients.


The best part of your job is seeing the look on a new mom’s face when she sees her baby for the first time. The worst part is when you find something wrong, like a lump you hoped was only a cyst. And in between are all the patients you help get a better picture of their health. By providing either non-invasive imaging exams or invasive interventional procedures with radiologists and nurses, you give patients direct contact and care. Your compassionate and positive personality put them at ease. Knowing you make a difference makes all the difference to you.