Our organization is moving to a virtual recruitment process until further notice in response to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus disease). Our virtual recruitment process may include telephone/video interviews and other virtual opportunities to connect to make it as safe and convenient as possible for all candidates, employees, and caregivers. Our goal is as always to treat our people, our patients, and candidates with humankindness, -- putting safety first. For more helpful information on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19, please click here.





Home Health and Hospice at Dignity Health

If humankindness is at your core, we can help find a home for your compassion. As a Home Health and Hospice specialist, the value of your work is immeasurable. In our supportive environment, you will have everything you need to use your humanity as a healing tool and nurture your own life in the process. We invite you to explore our Home Health and Hospice opportunities.

Home Health and Hospice Specialties

Explore our comprehensive list and find your niche with Dignity Health, winner of a Home Care Services quality award from HealthInsight.

Certified Home Health Aide

Getting up in the morning, you think about the home visit ahead of you. You brush your hair and remember how something so simple can be so challenging for the patient. When you arrive, you see the gratitude in the patient’s eyes. You’re there to help anyway you can – physically and emotionally. As a Certified Home Health Aide for Dignity Health, you can really brighten up a patient’s day.

Certified Home Health Occupational Therapist Assistant

You'll never forget the first time you helped a home health patient enhance their quality of life. That light-bulb moment, when they recaptured an invaluable skill. And that you played a part in it was huge. As an Occupational Therapist Assistant with Home Health and Hospice under the direction of the Occupational Therapist, you are creative in your efforts to find the best ways to adapt the patient’s environment and activities to better manage daily tasks. You’re doing and learning. You’re invigorated. Challenged. And rewarded.


Spiritual guidance. Emotional support. When you step into a patient’s home, people turn to you for support and comfort. It’s not just your job – it fulfills your purpose. Yesterday, you supported family members at a memorial service. Today, you'll offer a prayer in celebration of the birth of a healthy baby girl. Each day, you make spiritual connections with people of all backgrounds and beliefs, at all stages of their journeys in life. Together you talk, explore, wonder and pray. You offer comfort and support, and you are enriched infinitely more.

Home Health Physical Therapist

Are you a Home Health Physical Therapist or advisor? Some say you’re both. Like today, your patient has a physical challenge, but the emotional stress is also taking a toll. So you’ll take extra care to listen. To be patient. And to be creative with your home exercise and strengthening program. Maybe you’ll linger over a cup of coffee just to talk. Whenever you come to a patient’s home or assisted living residence, you give both your expertise and your heart.

Home Health Physical Therapy Assistant

Never stop learning. That’s your mantra. You found the best learning opportunity at Dignity Health, where you’re a Physical Therapy Assistant for Home Health and Hospice. You travel to patients’ homes and work with a Physical Therapist to help people grow stronger and regain functionality. Last week, the patient gave you a high-five with the arm he had surgery on a few weeks ago. There’s nothing like knowing you helped a patient feel that good.

Hospice Care Coordinator

You've seen it so many times. A critically or terminally ill patient whose family is overwhelmed by the details. There’s the paperwork to manage. The care plan to understand. And the arrangements to make. They put their trust in you to ensure their loved one wants for nothing. As the Hospice Care Coordinator, you’re at the center of their support system, coordinating physicians, nurses, providers, community referrals, case managers and the home care team. These are the professionals who will become like family to your patient, during a sacred time in their lives, and it’s a service you’re honored to deliver with compassion and care. You are this family’s advocate when they need you most.

Licensed Social Worker

It takes a unique kind of person to be a Home Health and Hospice Licensed Social Worker. You’ve counseled a family through substance abuse, helped a patient find caregiving and talked a spouse through SNF placement. So it matters to you that Dignity Health is a community-focused organization. You share the same values around reaching out. Like spreading compassion. Being where people need you. Saying the things that are hard to say. You’ve vowed to treat each patient with dignity and fairness. Making a difference for patients and their loved ones.


You've come to the patient’s home prepared. You always do. The focus today will be on wound-care, managing the patient’s vital signs and other requirements according to the Plan of Care. Quality care comes naturally to you, especially the reassurance and support you’re able to provide. Every day, every patient and experience is unique that way. You’re a Home Health and Hospice LPN at Dignity Health, and you’ve never loved your work more.

Occupational Therapist

You've always wanted to use your abilities to help people. As an Occupational Therapist at Dignity Health, you provide cutting-edge care to people from all ages and walks of life. This week, you might work with a patient who has a brain or spinal cord injury, a stroke, cardiopulmonary disease, or an orthopedic trauma. With that broad scope of treatment, you’re grateful for the highly motivated, experienced people by your side and throughout the network. To you, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping a patient gain functional skills. At Dignity Health, you feel that sense of satisfaction every day.

Registered Nurse

Each time you drive to a patient’s home, you feel a sense of hope. As a Home Health and Hospice Nurse, you never know what to expect when you get there, but you always know you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Your patient and the family will be looking to you for support, knowledge and compassion. And after you’re gone, they’re always grateful for your care. Making a day-to-day difference in people’s lives is what you love most about your job, and at Dignity Health, you’re able to give your best to them, every day.

Speech Therapist

Your patient has Parkinson’s disease. For someone who used to work as a professor, giving lectures, losing his ease of speech is devastating. However, as his Speech Therapist, you’ve been able to help him keep the lines of communication open. Together, you work through a program of exercises. You use advanced technology and augmentative equipment to assess his progress. Your compassion and determination don’t go unnoticed by this patient and his family. At Dignity Health, this is just one of the complex cases that engages you day to day.